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There is much we can share already I see this Group as being passionate about raising standards of service for the benefit of all. Reacting to the news that the Government is including clauses on Empty Homes and Tenancy Deposits in the Housing Bill We supported in principle the introduction of Empty Homes Management Orders at the consultative stage and are therefore pleased that Government is giving them careful consideration.

Contrary to some of the headlines in the tabloid press, these are not proposals that will allow local authorities to take over properties the minute the owner’s back is turned, where all other routes have been pursued and failed.From the Crown Estate’s viewpoint we believe that it will support our work to improve our responsiveness to the aspirations of our customers and so fits well with our initiatives such as Regent Street Direct.


What is absolutely imperative is that this is introduced in a way that levels the playing field, rather than encumbering the vast majority of good landlords, and not catching the few who deliberately pursue sharp practices.

The British Property Federation is pleased to announce that Martin Moore of Prudential Property Investment Managers Limited (Pru PIM) has assumed the Presidency for the next year.Pru PIM is one of the most active organizations in the UK property market, managing over £12.5bn invested in a number of different portfolios ranging in size up to £9bn.At the beginning of 2001, he was also invited to join the design review committee of CABE. He has been a member of a number of public bodies, namely the Government’s Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment (1991-1993), the Property Industry Forum (1997-2002).

He was Chairman of the South Bank Employers’ Group and the Waterloo Partnership Board (1994-2003). At a time of potential significant change for the property industry, particularly with the impending introductions of PIFS, we are delighted to have two such experienced property executives in place to represent the Industry’s views.

The comprehensive response brings together the property industry’s views on how REITs should be structured and what, if any, restrictions should be placed on the scope of their activities and operations. With a particular finished objective to get to holds with what it all systems its basic to know your adversary and find what a real estate conveyancing master does in the property market.

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Own and invest in property, and that there is a lack of support from occupiers and landlords for Government interference in their contractual process. A consultation exercise will at least allow us to show that: There is little appetite for legislation. The President of the Property Managers Association – a leading occupier’s organization – recently said it would prefer to avoid legislation.Legislation will be bad for business leading to less choice and more expensive leases overall.

The small business lobby has been virtually silent on the issue and the industry does not want legislation, Ministers postbags have all but dried up, so where is the call for legislation coming from?Government should be cautious because of the impact that legislation will have on regeneration, pension funds and businesses’ abilities to use sale and leasebacks to release capital for investment.

The Commercial Lease Code was drafted by a group of landlord and occupier representative organizations and supported by ODPM.

Independent research based on 4,000 leases shows that 85% of small leases (with rent under £10,000 p.a. Yet, at the other end of the industry, such a move could have a devastating impact on funding for regeneration and the source of much of that money – peoples’ pension funds. It was launched in April 2002 with the ODPM’s intention that it should be given 2 years to prove itself.

Separately, the ODPM commissioned Neil Crosby of Reading University to conduct an interim review, which would be produced by end of 2003, with a final review scheduled to be produced by end of 2004. At launch, the purpose of the interim review was to test out the methodology of the research, but in Budget 2003, HM Treasury announced that if the Review showed the Code was not working, it would launch a consultative exercise on legislative options.

The Interim Review Report is based on just 46 interviews with lawyers/surveyors in three towns in the UK, and quantitative data, which only relates to the period April-Dec 2002 – only 8 months of the first year of the Code period. Taken from Up/Down Rent Reviews – Who Benefits?

At the BPF’s Annual Conference today, Ruth Kelly, Financial Secretary at HM Treasury, The property industry balances the needs of occupiers and pensioners in this country, who through their pension funds have a stake in most large developments.The strategy of property conveyancing is done with the help of a pro, or an licensed conveyancer.

Since this issue was first raised a decade ago the property industry has changed beyond all recognition. A consultation exercise will at least allow us to show that: One of the primary issues the consultation paper will explore is the use of Upward Only Rent Reviews in the UK and their impact on small businesses.

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I’d like to thank David Hunter personally for his support over the past year. Under his presidency, we have made significant strides to help the Government understand the role and contribution that the Property Industry makes to the economy.

Has submitted its response to the Government’s Consultation Document on the way in which a REIT type vehicle might be introduced in the UK.Clearly there needs to be appropriate structural and governance criteria in place for REITs to operate successfully and we have today given the Treasury our views on what this should be. However to ensure that they become the success that we believe they could, they need to have the maximum operational freedom possible. In order to achieve a REIT regime that meets everyone’s respective objectives and enhances further the reputation of the UK as a world-class centre for property investment.

There are many professionals who are involved in the entire process of We are in full support of the government’s attempts to achieve this and its other objectives and have welcomed the opportunity to participate in the consultation. However, it would be hugely regrettable if, after all these years of trying.

The British Property Federation has had to concede defeat in its battle with the Treasury to try and obtain a more sensible SDLT regime for Limited Partnerships. Following a last ditch attempt to get the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Ruth Kelly, to change the approach contained in this year’s Finance Bill, Ms Kelly made it clear that she regarded ownership of a stake in a limited partnership as being akin to the direct ownership of property. It was consequently liable to the full rate of SDLT on both the acquisition and disposal of property, and also on the transfer of interests in the partnership.

It was this latter point which was of particular concern to the property industry, since the Treasury has insisted throughout discussions that a 4% rate should be applied to gross assets – ie including the effect of gearing.

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He also advises tenants, particularly those who have been in occupation for some time, to check whether they have break provisions in their leases and the terms under which they can be implemented. Tenants must act early to ensure possession can be given to the landlord and the property handed back in the appropriate condition, he added. Ryden International Property Consultants are delighted to announce the creation of Ryden Asset Management Limited (RAM), a new property portfolio asset management company.

The new company will procure and run a variety of property portfolios for clients, assist with the structure and financing of portfolio partnerships and joint ventures, and asset manage existing portfolios.Andrew was formerly Property Director at AXA Equity and Law Itivesti-nent Managers. At AXA Equity & Law, Andrew was responsible for all the property functions of three portfolios with over E950M of assets. Andrew’s fund management experience will be complemented by a team providing property investment, analyst and structured finance skills.

The new company will be located at 2-5 Old Bond Street in London’s West End and Andrew can be reached. It is a unique blending of a international commercial property practice with an experienced fund manager. Conveyancing lawyers or solicitors doing legal and truly conveyancing process for buyers or sellers who want to sell or purchase their properties. State officials have said the review was part of a normal periodic inspection. The first Network event is a seminar at Gateshead Civic Centre on 10 December entitled ‘Contaminated Land: Practical Solutions for Re-use’.

Our partnership is unanimously behind the project and anticipates that its success will underpin the Ryden’s qualities of innovation and professional practice that are so respected in the marketplace. Merivale Moore PLC, the property investor, has continued its acquisition programme by purchasing a high-quality industrial investment in London NW2 for £2.05 million in cash.The property is 10 Roman Road, Cricklewood and is situated off the Edgware Road just south of the M1 motorway. It comprises a 27,081 sq ft single storey warehouse built in 1988 on a site of 1.52 acres (0.62 hectares) benefiting from 45 car park spaces. The property is let to Ferraris Piston Services Limited (motor component distributors), a subsidiary of Finelist Group PLC, on a 20 year lease from 1992 at a rent of £199,500 (£7.37 per sq ft overall), subject to five yearly upwards only rent reviews.