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If Government alters that balance it could leave itself open to accusations of a raid on our pensions. The Consultation is likely to consider property’s important contribution to the UK economy and Liz Peace said: We will react positively to the consultative exercise, because it allows us to put the record straight that the UK is an excellent place in which to occupy, own and invest in property, and that there is a lack of support from occupiers and landlords for Government interference in their contractual process.

Independent research based on 4,000 leases4 shows that 85% of small leases (with rent under £10,000 p.a.) would be unaffected were the Government to turn the recommendation on rent reviews in the Lease Code into legislation tomorrow. Yet, at the other end of the industry, such a move could have a devastating impact on funding for regeneration and the source of much of that money – peoples’ pension funds. The decision to consult has been taken because a voluntary code adopted by the industry in April 2002 was under an interim review, based on research being conducted for the ODPM by Reading University.

Is being judged on just 46 interviews with surveyors/lawyers and without any input at this stage from occupiers, landlords or financiers of property. New Benchmarking Club to Drive Standards of Customer Service Forward in Property Industry A group of leading property owners. Service benchmarking is commonplace in other industries but undeveloped in the property industry. Other than on account of confounding Leasehold property, “restricted learning” does not need to assume a part in Enact Conveyancing Melbourne citation.

The Group, whose supporters include Land Securities, Prudential, The Crown Estate, Grosvenor, Slough Estates and Brixton, will work together to benchmark how far members have progressed in delivering high levels of service to property occupiers and the impact on the bottom line.

Howard Morgan, Managing Director, Kingsley Lipsey Morgan, whose consultancy is promoting this initiative and which will run the Group, says

This is an important initiative for the property industry, which illustrates that many of our best landlords are not content to rest on their laurels, but are keen to further enhance the service they provide.

Many organizations aspire to be a landlord of choice and our aim is to move this from a vague to a real concept. I believe that the establishment of an industry wide club will help us and the whole industry.

The formation of this benchmarking club goes a long way to showing just how serious the property industry is about listening to and responding to the needs of its customers and to illustrating the benefits that has on firms’ bottom lines. The British Property Federation and Kingsley Lipsey Morgan are to be congratulated in bringing this forward.