Spotlight on Conveyancing – The Selling Process

Provide for a higher cap to apply to any contract to purchase together 6 or more separate dwellings situation in disadvantaged areas; and The European Commission has now announced that the UK stamp duty exemption is in line the government will now be putting place the necessary regulations to implement the measure by Budget Day and will be issuing guidance in due course.

We at conveyancing solicitors brisbane northside Shoppers are a national conveyancing focus with skill in giving private and business conveyancing. It has also prevented direct property investment products being made available to ordinary private investors, resulting in only sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals being able to invest directly in commercial property, through off-shore property investment vehicles.

The British Property Federation has responded to the Pensions Green Paper, issued today by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Recent research conducted for the BPF by the Investment Property Databank (IPD) evils that the proportion of pensions assets invested directly in property amounts to just 7.25% of total pension assets (£84 billion).

Achieving higher returns than UK equities, overseas equities, gilts and cash. The BPF believes that the present taxation regime (Capital Gains, Corporation Tax and Stamp Duty) limits liquidity in the UK commercial property sector, making it less attractive to pension funds. The BPF believes that the Government would be giving all UK citizens the right to invest directly in commercial property as a means of balancing their investment and pension portfolio.

Moreover, such action would significantly increase the level of property transactions, providing a stimulus to this important segment of the UK economy, and would improve liquidity in the commercial property sector making it even more attractive to all investors.

And we hope that the Government will seize the opportunity presented by this pensions review to redress the balance and increase investor choice. Tax efficient property investment trusts already exist in most other countries with a developed commercial property sector including the US, Australia, Holland France and Italy.

The British Property Federation has added its voice to those opposing the proposals contained in the Government’s Consultation Document on the Reform of Corporation Tax which would impact on property companies.